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The location with his brick walls, the “living” stones, the arches and the “raw” floor, is the perfect combination for meat and wine. Walking in it looks like a blast from the past, where we leave all the things outside the walls, which we love and preserve jealously. Time-stamped in 1690 in the old municipal archives, the spot was a storage room of wheat, linked with the ditches made by De ’Medici’s family for the direct discharge on the street.



The focal point is the meat store, contiguous to the restaurant, where the staff prepare the meat to cook in the kitchen, but above all for the raw meat. With knowledge and mastery, the butcher prepares tartare, carpaccio, meat sushi and other daily specials. Inside the butcher shop, the staff uses only cuts of Piedmontese breed for consumption in the restaurant.


The Meat

Meat Meat

We have chosen females of Fassona breed (a kind of Piedmontese meat) from specific cattle farming with bovines aged between 30 and 36 months. In this period the bovine has the perfect balance of lean body mass and fat mass for allowing long maturations.

Maturation Maturation

The maturation is a physical/chemical process of aging after the rigor mortis. The bovine is hung and oxygenated on the four side for getting him lost the excess water, in order that the connective tissue and the fiber loosen up for improving flavor, softness and value. A so far process but an absolute concept for us.

Tartare Tartare

An another vanished craft is cutting the meat with the tip of a knife or in Italian “battere a coltello”. This kind of process means a very tough work, an accurate selection of the cuts and respect for the meat. A good sharped knife, a cutting board and a skilled butcher are the conditions for preparing a juicy silky tartare, with all the nutritional values that you can find in the dish.

Some of our dishes


Alessia Cheese Cake
Eleonora Lesione
Nena La Sicaria
Reina Paddington
Miguel Macellaio
Carlos Macellaio
Antonio Ciccio
Clari La mamma
Afis Il moscio


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